I watched a poignant award-winning drama the other day called ‘The Lost Honour Of Christopher Jefferies’. It tells the true story of the landlord who was wrongly arrested on suspicion of the murder of his tenant Jo Yeates in 2010 . Brilliantly portrayed by the actor Jason Watkins, I sat appalled at the disgraceful and despicable treatment meted out to Christopher by Avon & Somerset Police and the tabloid press. There was no physical or forensic evidence that pointed towards him, no eye-witnesses, no criminal record and any profiler worth the name would have told you he simply didn’t fit the perpetrator’s psyche. Yet his name and reputation were brutally vilified and assassinated by fabricated stories fed to and regurgitated by the pathetic excuse we have for a media in this country. And The Sun do not ever learn their lessons; because they are doing it again right now, with the coverage of the so-called Lotto Gran, Susanne Hinte.

Basically a 48yr old woman has come forward claiming she has the other winning ticket for the recent £33million Lotto draw. However the ticket she has provided to Camelot to verify was ‘accidentally put in the wash’ and has the date, time and essential barcode missing. By amazing chance though, all 6 winning numbers circumvented the detergent and remain clearly legible. Now anyone with half a brain cell may pour scorn and suspicion on such a story and leave it up to Camelot to decide. But The Sun can’t do that. They are now printing all kinds of character aspersions on her based on any ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’ who rings up claiming to know her. Today she is branded as, “money-mad,” by a man who claims he met her online and dated her for a while. Of course he doesn’t want to be named, so he can enjoy his anonymity whilst simultaneously providing The Sun with a topless photo of Susanne to print, that she had sent to him in private. A photo she took that she intended just him to see; not the entire country. If I was her legal representative I would start building a case against this man using the new porn revenge laws. I would also wait for Camelot to reach a verdict before I considered suing the newspapers for defamation of character.

The reporter who published this story is Andrew Parker and he can be reached at Join me in telling him he is guilty of lazy, sloppy ‘journalism’ and that you are disgusted that someone’s private, intimate photo has been exploited and exposed in this way. Shame on you Sun.



I’m compelled to write this if only for my own sanity. I have had to endure days of rhetoric on social media by partisan people speaking from behind a keyboard in their Ivory Towers. Neither proponents of the seemingly black and white opposing views offer any balanced, reasoned argument; instead their views are barbed and bigoted. Everybody seems to have missed one crucial point; empathy. What’s worse is that most people do not understand the concept of empathy and define it incorrectly. It is not about imagining what it is like to be in the migrant’s shoes. Only the migrants know exactly what they’re going through. Empathy is about understanding what it feels like for them from their perspective.

Thousands of people died today. All different ages, for all different reasons in all parts of the world. Some deaths will have been premature and tragic. Some will be damn unfair and emotive. But they have not had their photographs taken. They will get no column inches. Photographers have been taking Pulitzer Prize winning photos of harrowing human tragedies since cameras were invented. It is nothing new. Yet again the media has taken an image and whipped up a social frenzy. Civil wars are nothing new either. Man kills everything. Organised religion cannot be eradicated. Weapons cannot be vanquished.

Unfortunately some people are failing to make the distinction between economic migrants and migrants fleeing persecution. The UK has many of it’s own problems. Young people struggle to own their own property. Unemployment is still high. Public service spending has been slashed in the last 5 years. The cost of living goes up. Food banks have seen overwhelming demand. The welfare system is failing people who cannot work due to illness. The demand for public housing is astronomical. You can’t book a doctor’s appointment. I’ve been waiting since 2011 to see a specialist regarding a particular health issue. Another £20billion in austerity cuts will be implemented in the next budget. We have the highest rate of divorce in the EU. We have some of the highest rates of drug use too and net migration to the UK is at an all time high. We might even see a referendum come back from the public to vote we leave the EU in the not too distant future.

Whilst it is a nice, Disney, Michael Jackson view of the world to all welcome and love each other, it is impractical and impossible. Absorbing thousands of people is just not sustainable in the long term, as the average life span continues to increase. I saw one idiot today write that it is, “our duty,” to accept migrants. Self-appointed comic book heroes are we? All the people who clamour for the refugees and take selfies of themselves saying, “refugees welcome,” need to put their hands in their pockets and start paying for it. All the people who complain about the old, the homeless, the veterans and the poor, yet do fuck all about it, need to shut the fuck up.


How far does this cunt need to go before she gets rightfully indicted for Public Order Offences such as harassment, insulting behaviour and insulting my intelligence, breach of the peace, inciting public unrest and hate speech etc? I don’t even think she believes half the stuff attributed to her; no-one is that retarded – even proper retards, (or persons with intellectual disability), would get some things right in a test, albeit by accident. Her mission is transparently superficial; she will say anything to attract attention / gain column inches / secure future work. She has insulted and acts prejudiced towards single parents, sufferers of depression, obese people, women who breastfeed, gingers, people with tattoos, alcoholics and now criminally, people with alzheimers. She should be ostracised and outcast.

It is not brave or courageous to be bigoted and she should certainly not be admired or praised for having the courage of her convictions. There is no place in modern society for deliberate proliferation of hurtful stereotyping and dangerous ignorance. She has a responsibility as a media “personality” not to target minorities or pedal damaging opinions that may influence or corrupt impressionable people. I cannot believe some morons celebrate this hideous antithesis of aesthetics.

She has said that if Ed Miliband is elected she will leave the country. That’s the only reason I want the Wallace & Gromit freak to win.



Over the next few weeks you’ll hear David Cameron and Ed Miliband talk a lot about necessary cuts in public spending over the lifetime of the next government, in order to continue the economic recovery and reduce our country’s deficit. The Conservatives have said they will not raise income tax but will aim to save £1 in every £100 the government spends. Whether you vote blue or red on May 7th, the bottom line is that all government services will continue to be reduced and streamlined with less money to spend, with the exception of the NHS and Defence. I think that austerity on the whole can be the only start to the long process of trying to stitch back together our frayed society.

I sat in my van yesterday and took a few minutes to actually pay close attention to my surroundings. There was a phone box with the glass missing from the door. The door was bent off it’s hinges and swinging in the wind. Rubbish and litter were blowing in the gutter and shops that have long since closed and been boarded up were strewn in graffiti. When did we stop caring about the world in which we live? Watch this video where someone takes it upon themselves to make a stand against some flagrant and blatant littering.

So what conclusions can we draw from the apathy and anti-social behaviour we see demonstrated on a daily basis? I have a theory and that is everything has become dispensable and interchangeable in most peoples’ eyes. When was the last time you, or someone you know, actually saved up for something? No-one seems to save anymore; we certainly don’t need to work hard for anything or be patient. We have access to cash within minutes, be it a pawn shop, a cash point or a payday loan over the phone. Every week a new credit card offer will be posted through the door, whether you’ve maxed out all your existing ones or not. So what kind of attitude does this breed? A careless and disposable one. If I broke something of mine as a child, my parents could not afford to go straight out and replace it. I would either hope my Dad could fix it or I had to wait for Christmas or a birthday. Failing that I would need to save up my pocket money. Nowadays children get spoiled 52 weeks a year. Some will even ask for and get smartphones and iPads instead of chocolate this Easter. The amount of stuff that gets bought for a baby between birth and aged 2 is obscene. They have far too much to look at and play with they can’t possibly take in all the information. Everything must become a blur and if someone gets broken, fuck it; there’s another 30 toys to choose from anyway. With so many toys how can children form timeless attachments or relationships with toys? Their brains must get overwhelmed and they certainly do not learn the value of money. How many of us over 30 years old still have our first teddy bear and hold a tremendous amount of affection for it? The kids today will have 50 teddy bears in the loft and not a fucking clue what their favourite was. Most of the shit they get bought never gets used or played with anyway and ends up polluting eBay and boot fairs very quickly. I really despair of this ‘child worship’ culture this generation has fashioned for itself. Kids are not special and no-one really cares that much about yours other than you. They are just merely a proliferation of the human species, they are not the future but ‘a dime a dozen’. How about teaching them some morals and values instead? How about educating them not to destroy the world around them or commit violence against one another, rather than buying them £200 of Matalan shit every month?

It doesn’t take a genius to pinpoint a time when society didn’t feel so fractured and there was a sense of unity. Yes there was a feel good factor about the nation during the London Olympics of 2012, but that was nothing in comparison to the community strength forged out of the second world war and its impoverished aftermath. It is often said that the poorest people are the most generous. Times were fucking hard back then, make no mistake about it. Every time I hear a politician say nowadays that more children are living in poverty it makes my blood boil. No-one alive in Britain today knows what real poverty is. It isn’t having just an xbox downstairs but not one upstairs. It’s not seeing a banana until you were 12; it was 8 children to a bed; it was a tin bath downstairs in front of the fire and sharing bath water with your siblings. It was darning socks and ration books; making meat (if you could find it) last as long as possible and not wasting a scrap; it was using the bones to make a stock, eating bread and dripping, eating tangerines only at Christmas and putting on extra clothes because the meter run out. It was air raid sirens and parlour games; families eating together and never wasting anything; never throwing something away if it could be used again. It was hanging teabags on the washing line, no toilet indoors and zero chances for social mobility. Yet despite all this, people on the whole were more decent to one another. They cared for thy neighbour, after all everyone was in the same boat. There was no disparity in the way people lived; everyone found keeping a roof over their head and putting food on the table tough. Nowadays we scrape half of it in the bin by cooking too much, or we throw it away because it’s 24 hours out of date. If you knew that those few slices of bread you had left were all you could afford for a whole week, you would pick the green bits off and toast it. If you ripped your cardigan you had it sewn up; you didn’t fuck off to the nearest mall to buy 3 new cardigans and have a latte. If you know something is readily available or easily replaceable, how careful are you gonna be with it? I contend you would not be as vigilant or as careful if you knew what you had was not your lot.

Less is most definitely more. The less material possessions and wealth you have, the more congruent and kind you are to others. It also makes you appreciate exactly what you do have and you treasure and enjoy it far more knowing it’s one of a kind. Relationships is another thing that no-one seems to want to repair or nurture anymore. Didn’t Beyonce say, “I can have another you by tomorrow?” I know people who dump one girl and within 5 minutes are “in a relationship” with another. Does no-one grieve anymore or feel a sense of loss? Just another girl on an endless conveyor belt of broken promises and ill-conceived ideas.

Personally I’m looking forward to people having to conserve and preserve what they have, tightening their belts and making what they have go much further. It will humble them and make them more grateful and appreciative for the chance to be alive, rather than how much stuff they can fill their house up with.


I have just caught up with the documentary ‘Meet the UKippers’ on BBC iPlayer. It focused on the local administration for South Thanet of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), as their leader Nigel Farage prepares to stand for Parliament and represent the area, including Broadstairs, Ramsgate and Cliftonville. I live in the ‘North Thanet’ constituency, which is Margate and Herne Bay. Now, before I start this blog I need to state some facts. I am not going to vote in the upcoming General Election in May. I do not have a political persuasion, in the same way I do not have a religious persuasion either. I consider myself to be a spectator, happily disenfranchised, with no emotional investment either way and no stake in the outcome. Even if I did feel passionately about politics I would not use my vote because my vote wouldn’t matter. The reason for this is the antiquated voting system in this country called ‘First Past The Post’. The ‘North Thanet’ seat has been held by the ‘Conservatives’ since 1983. People’s votes only really matter when they are cast in marginal seats. Under this voting system it is entirely possible for the party elected to form the government to receive less votes nationwide than the runners-up. It can also produce a result like it did in 2010 where no party wins a clear mandate to govern. I also need to state that I am not a racist. I have one simple rule when it comes to dealing with people. If you’re nice to me, then I’m nice to you, regardless of race, sex, religion etc. But if you’re a cunt, then I’ll treat you like a cunt.

The media and a few by-election results in recent months would have you believe that UKIP represent a real threat to the major political parties in this country. Remember all those in power only exist to seek ways in which to maintain it and expand it. Even if they do win the odd constituency here and there they will essentially remain completely toothless. There are 650 seats up for grabs in the House of Commons, so UKIP will not be passing any legislation for a very, very long time. Their popularity seems to have been on an upward curve as a result of propaganda relating to one controversial subject; immigration. Thanet is the most impoverished area in the whole of Kent, with doctors surgeries, school places and hospital beds under immense strain. Whilst the amount of non-English speaking / non-working foreigners milling about does seem quite high, the documentary said that the levels here are below the national average. I’m prepared to accept that at face value. I’m not sure of the specifics of UKIP’s immigration policy, but in a nutshell they reckon it’s out of control and they want to vastly reduce it. I fully endorse economic migrants, but not the ones who sneak in by hanging onto the underneath of an HGV or those packed like sardines into freight containers with tonnes of tomatoes by people traffickers, who then spill out dead and stink up the dock when the doors are opened in Dover. It is clear from the documentary that UKIP appeals to an older generation, specifically the two above me, I.E. my parents and their parents. They feel vulnerable because of their age, the media they consume and the scaremongering and sound bites politicians depend upon. They grew up without immigration and were taught to fear foreigners. I am not racist because I have been taught not to judge people based on where they come from etc. There really is no place in modern society for people who discriminate for any reason whatsoever. I suffer with mental health problems and I know that some people remain ignorant, uneducated and discriminatory because they were taught it was a stigma and taboo.

The problem I have with the UKIP witch-hunt is the inherent hypocrisy of it’s protesters. The first thing I noticed about the UKIP South Thanet HQ was that the metal security grills protecting the glass windows remain in place 24/7. As it is located right on top of a busy road and a busy crossroads junction, I’m thinking these remain in place to protect against potential flying bricks. If we consider ourselves to be a tolerant and peaceful people, who welcome anyone from anywhere with open arms and expect them to enjoy the perks of democracy, then why are some of you hounding, harassing, bullying and threatening people who support UKIP? It was pretty fucking sad to see just one woman dressed in a onesie down Ramsgate seafront, waving a flag and shouting over a UKIP spokesperson when he was trying to lend his support to a campaign against live animal exports. Whether you agree with the existence of the party or not, there will be some members of all parties and councils who are openly racist and then fired, some quietly racist but social media savvy, and those who are not racist whatsoever. UKIP have a right to exist and communicate with one another without fear of reprisals, attack or persecution. Another interesting point to come out of the documentary was the insinuation that ‘the establishment’ are genuinely running scared of what damage UKIP could do to their electability and so are in collusion with the media to try and proactively discredit and mud-sling as much as possible. This would represent an agenda and be the completely opposite of the democracy we hold so dear.

I do feel sorry for Nigel Farage. He is a highly skilled orator and debater, but his party is still in it’s infancy, and lacks the infrastructure and ethical codes the major parties have. For example, there are no ‘party whips’ to make sure all members ‘toe the party line’ and vote the same way collectively. You and I both know there are underhanded and crooked politicians across the whole political spectrum, just look in your newspapers today. The former Home Secretary Jack Straw (LAB) and the former Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rifkind (CON) have both been suspended for offering their political services to businesses for cash. The two main parties are as bent as each other and you can’t fit a cigarette paper between them. Russell Brand is right in what he is saying; we need a complete overhaul of the political system. So many people feel alienated and hostile towards Central Government. Politicians are consistently revealed to be liars and cheats. Corruption is systemic, just think back to the expenses scandal in 2009. People need to come together in their own communities and fix their own problems and deal with their own issues.

I love this photo –


It says everything you need to know about politicians in general.

All that being said, I do think that UKIP is in a bit of a mess and is very disjointed. I’m not so sure they will do as well at the polls as they think they will. The most repugnant and disturbing segment of the documentary was when an elected UKIP councillor for Thanet District Council said she has a, “problem with people with negroid features.” This is clearly an abhorrent opinion, made worse by the fact it was not secretly recorded. She said this matter-of-factly with the camera no more than five yards away. She was very quickly expelled from the party thereafter. As someone who is a little ‘OCD’, I thought her filing her nails in someone else’s front room at the same time to be equally as disgusting.

So there you are people. My advice is to boycott the General Election. Would be so good to see their faces.


Earlier on I thought I would struggle to have something to write about today, but that was very silly of me, because a cursory glance at a tabloid newspaper website has written this entry for me. Before I start, I will say that from now on, I will have to make a concerted effort not to read this kind of news medium. I never watch the news on television, unless something pretty major has happened and lots of humans have died. I also avoid BBC’s ‘Question Time’. It used to be one of my favourite programmes 6 or 7 years ago, but that was when I was completely naive to the world around me. I’ve always liked ‘debate’ you see, but there’s no debating societies to join where I live. In the past year I have acquainted myself with some of the best thinkers, philosophers, polemicists and stand up comedians the last 50 years has produced. People such as George Carlin, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Fry, Christopher Hitchens, Bill Hicks, Bill Burr, Bill Maher, Gore Vidal and David Icke, to name but a few. Listen to them and study their work. They have completely sussed out everything by debunking religion, politics, war, media bias and supposed democracy.

I will not be reading the Daily Mail either nor listen to Jeremy Vine or Jeremy Kyle. They are parodies of the concept that the media deliberately ramp up the fear in people to keep them under control and dependent on them. Twenty years ago you couldn’t eat burgers, 25 years ago you couldn’t eat eggs, then red wine prevented cancer, now it gives you cancer, drink more white wine instead, no wait….hang on, that will kill you too. Cut down on the red meat, don’t eat red meat! Go jogging, don’t go jogging, as doing loads will kill you the same as doing none. Listen up everyone, I’m afraid we’ve got some bad news for you. You can’t even perform oral sex anymore, as that will give you mouth cancer. Why are all the best things in life so bad for you? That’s a blog all of its own, I think I’ll work on that in the days to come. Just this week new research was published and reported to say now 1 in every 2 of us will get cancer, rather than the previous estimate of 1 in 3. Newsflash you fear mongering assholes:- we’re all gonna die of something, no-one gets out of here alive.

Therefore it is my intention to retain only viewing the BBC website for my daily dose of current affairs. Despite all the kiddy fucking, licence fee, phone competitions scandal and Terry Wogan, I still have faith in their impartiality and neutrality.They also have zero bullshit or vacuous celebrity stories on there. And this is the reason why I need to stop accessing websites like ‘The Daily Mirror’ etc. It showcases the very worst sides of humanity and in turn affects and brings down my mood. I suffer with low mood as it is and seeing a story that a jobless chav has just been released from prison after 5 minutes for snapping a puppy’s legs, causing it to be PTS, literally makes me cry and want to leave this world. I feel like Superman did when he saw Lois had died in her car as a result of the earthquake and flies angrily around the world to reverse time. I’m talking about the original film with the brilliant Christopher Reeve, not any of these recent pussy remakes. I could save the taxpayer so much money if every single person who harms, neglects or kills an animal were sent to me. Just them and me, one on one, in a room with no weapons. I don’t care how big or athletic they are, I would destroy each and every one of them with no compunction.

Another reason to boycott the superficial exposure of human scum and banality is the ‘celebrity culture’ most people seem fascinated by. Personally I don’t give a flying fuck which sphincter muscle David Beckham has had tattooed this week. I don’t care which number husband Katie Price, Kerry Katona and Danniella Westbrook are on. I don’t care which Kardashian is wasting perfectly good donatable organs right now, or which surgery Sharon Osbourne has paid for with Ozzy’s money. All of them are as relevant and as irrelevant as me.

Let me just give you the main headlines from today. I shit you not, these are genuine headlines and stories from ‘The Mirror’s’ website.

  1. Kim Kardashian and Rihanna flash their toned tums in matching crop tops. WHO gives a fuck? 2 massive attention whores, who are young and have enough money and airbrushing to look good. NEXT!
  2. Katie Price will renew wedding vows to celebrate winning CBB. You’ve only been married 5 minutes you plastic twat. GO FUCK YOURSELF!
  3. Harrowing undercover footage in butcher’s abattoir shows farm animals kicked, punched and thrown around. This is where I support all biblical methods of killing someone. As I say, bring them all to me. NO EXCUSES!
  4. Marnie Simpson and TOWIE’s Ricky Rament  CONFIRM romance. WHO? SO WHAT? Two insignificant, inconsequential humans agree to fuck each other and dine in restaurants. GO KILL YOURSELVES!
  5. Fifty Shades actress Dakota Johnson steps out in all brown. SUBTEXT FOR – A woman who played an objectified, submissive ‘Fuck Pig’ in a film about fucking that will hamper the rest of her career, wore clothes today.
  6. Is that you Kylie Jenner? Teenager reveals ANOTHER new hairstyle. ROUGHLY TRANSLATED means a complete nobody who is on T.V. because her parents used to be, tries different things with her hair. SHOCK HORROR! At this point I should just point out that Bruce Jenner has been involved in a fatal car crash. No, sadly not his death, but isn’t it interesting that as soon as he becomes a woman, all of a sudden he can’t drive properly?
  7. Denise Welch poses in sports bra as she shows off 4lb weight loss. REALLY? Is there much point now that her face is 56 years old? Polish that turd away, be my guest.
  8. Neil Buchel murder: Dad rubbed CHILLI on his manhood before being ‘beaten to death by friends. This is the story where 4 mates having a boozy night and replicating their favourite moments from ‘Jackass’, inexplicably turns nasty, whereon the 3 turn on Neil and kill him with hammers and blades, before chopping him up into 10 pieces and dumping them in a lake. I have my friends over, we play FIFA or COD!
  9. He’s Adam AND Eve: Man discovers he has a womb – and could even get PREGNANT. FREDDIE ate my HAMSTER anyone? and finally
  10. Woman gives birth to 14lb baby – but didn’t know she was pregnant. THIS MEANS YOU ARE FUCKING OBESE. That’s 3 times bigger than Denise Welch’s back fat!

As you can see, this is soul draining, irrelevant information. I implore you all to boycott this type of utter garbage, don’t register to vote, don’t vote, don’t obey a pernicious god that doesn’t exist and whatever you do, DON’T read the news.

P.S.     At the end of the news you normally get the sport. So here is today’s only football result that matters…


And that’s goodnight from me.

Greg Plitt’s unorthodox TRAIN-ing session

Who? Exactly what I thought when I read the story, I’d never heard of him either! He was one of those juiced up fitness gurus/fanatics, who has a YouTube Channel and some Hollywood stunt double work under his belt. His ‘motivating’ pep talks are laced with expletives as he stands there, oiled to within an inch of his life, encouraging you to push yourself beyond your limitations by vomiting or cardiac arrest. Following his gospel, you can “fuck over” one of the “fuckers” who “fucked with you.” You know, that ‘eye of the tiger’ bullshit. I find these workout tips and training videos are evil tools of manipulation. They are not aimed at the gym monkeys who spend every day there counting their abs in the mirror, but at the fat men and boys who are persecuted and bullied for their obesity and lack of definition, whom will buy into anything you say. It’s unfair to make them believe that if they listen to you and download your videos, they can achieve the same body. They are not professional health and fitness trainers, they don’t have the time to exercise and they don’t eat right. Unless you eat the right food at the right times and consume sufficient calories, it won’t matter how many times you go to the gym at 6am “to be the best” whilst all the other losers are still in bed, you will simply not achieve any success. You can buy Greg’s endorsed headband, sweatband, gym gloves and weight lifting belt, posters, shakes and ‘Muscle & Fitness UK’ magazine as much as you like, but if you don’t eat right, hydrate yourself sufficiently, have good form and breathe out on the rep, stretch, warm up and warm down, rest appropriately and workout at least 4 times a week, you’re wasting your time.

Anyway, the above mentioned Greg Plitt decided to film a protein shake advert on or next to some train tracks last week. Then unsurprisingly, a train came along and hit him, killing him instantly. I will never understand how humans who still have their sight and hearing get themselves killed by trains at unmanned level crossings etc. If you can’t see or hear a train coming then you probably deserve getting hit. They are fucking huge and noisy for fucks sake.

Greg has proved that it doesn’t matter how many Kg you can bench press, or how many pushups you can do in a minute, or how many egg whites you put in your omelette, the bottom line is a train going at full speed will fuck you up and always win. Shame Greg couldn’t exercise his brain with DUMBbells.