It was a warm summer’s evening in the town of Chewington, so Poppy and Ronnie asked their

human, called Mark, if they could go camping in the garden.

“Can we sleep in the tent tonight please?” asked Poppy.

“Yes of course you can,” said Mark.

Poppy and Ronnie’s garden is beautiful, with many colourful flowers and has the entrance to a large

forest at the end of it.

They packed some toys, picked up their teddy bears and went out to the shed to get the tent.

Once inside the tent they decided to play some games before bedtime.

“Let’s play Snakes and Ladders,” suggested Poppy.

“Yes,” said Ronnie producing a gold cup, “and the winner gets this and can call themselves the


“It’s not about winning and losing Ronnie. It’s about having fun,” she replied.

Ronnie got all the way to the end of the board and just needed to roll a ‘6’ to win. He rolled the

dice, but it fell off the table and onto the floor. It had landed on a ‘3’. Ronnie quickly checked the

board. A ‘3’ meant he would slip down a big snake back to the beginning.

“I win!” shouted Ronnie, moving his counter six spaces to the end.

“You jammy thing!” said Poppy.

Ronnie had cheated to win the game and hadn’t been honest. This was very naughty.

“I’m tired now,” yawned Poppy.

They each got in their sleeping bags, Ronnie clutching his gold cup.

“I want to dream about lots of food,” he said.

Ronnie always thinks about food and his favourite is dawberry ice-cream.

Poppy and Ronnie 2

As the stars twinkled and the moon glowed, they drifted off to sleep. Ronnie started to dream.

He found himself with Poppy in the large forest at the end of the garden and they were heading

towards a distant light. As they got closer, they could see a team of owls and a team of badgers

facing each other on a football pitch. The light was coming from lanterns hanging in the trees.

“What’s going on here then?” asked Poppy.

“We’re playing for that!” said Mary the owl pointing to a gold cup. “Then we’ll prove that

we’re the best!”

“You won’t win!” scoffed Harry the badger. “We are the best!”

“That’s not a nice attitude,” said Poppy.

“We’re always fighting and arguing about who is the best. So we’re going to settle it with a football

match to crown the champions of the forest,” replied Mary.

The match kicked off.

The badgers immediately started cheating by digging tunnels under the pitch, carrying the ball down

them, and burrowing up into the goal to score.

When the owls got the ball they would cheat too. They would pick it up with their claws and fly over

the badgers’ heads, before dropping it into the goal from above.

“Stop!” shouted Poppy. Everyone turned their heads.

“This isn’t how you play football. You’re not playing fairly.”

“But we have to beat them!” replied Harry.

“Why do you fight so much?” asked Ronnie.

“We hate the owls because they can fly and we can’t,” said Harry.

“And we hate the badgers because they can live underground and we can’t,” said Mary.

Poppy knew this was called jealousy and decided to help.

“Ronnie and I can’t live underground or fly either!” she said. “But it doesn’t give us a

reason to fight with you.”

“I wish I could fly!” interrupted Ronnie.

“Not now!” said Poppy. “We need to accept our differences and celebrate them, not use

them as a reason to hate each other. If we were all the same, life would be boring.”

“But how do we decide who is the best?” asked Harry.

“You don’t need to, that’s the point!” said Poppy.

“They could play Snakes and Ladders?!” suggested Ronnie.

“But not the way you think!” said Poppy, who then disappeared and returned moments later with

some ladders and cushions.

Poppy explained to the badgers that if they wanted to be like owls and sit in the trees, they could

use the ladders to climb them. Turning to the owls, she explained if they wanted to visit the badgers

underground, they could use the cushions to slide down the badger tunnels like flumes.

The owls and badgers realised Poppy was right. They didn’t need to fight because they were

different. If they got to know each other better they could have much more fun.

“I’d make a good football referee wouldn’t I?!” laughed Poppy.

The owls and badgers presented Poppy and Ronnie with the gold cup as a gift for bringing peace to

the forest.

“I want the cup to fill up with dawberry ice-cream,” wished Ronnie.

“Okay,” said Mary producing some dice, “you have to throw a ‘6’ to make it happen.”

Ronnie rolled the dice and it landed on a ‘3’. Ronnie covered it with his paw to hide the


“I did it!” he shouted, and half the cup filled with dawberry ice-cream.

Ronnie sat down on a cushion to start eating, when suddenly a long snake popped up through one of

the badger tunnels under him. He began to slide down it very fast and lost his grip on the cup.

“Where am I going?” he screamed out.

“To a place where cheaters go, where no-one ever plays games and there is no ice-cream,” a deep

voice bellowed.

Ronnie knew that a world without games and ice-cream would be very sad. He never wanted to

cheat again.

The next thing Ronnie knew, he was being shaken by Poppy who was stood over him.

“Good morning sleepyhead. Come on! It’s breakfast time,” she said.

“Phew!” said Ronnie. “You saved me from a horrible nightmare.”

At the table they both sat down to eat their eggs and soldiers. Ronnie noticed Poppy’s egg cup was

different. It was the gold cup.

“Where did you get that from?” asked Ronnie all confused.

Poppy smiled.

“Last night of course, don’t you remember?” she said. “You were so tired you fell asleep on the

Snakes and Ladders board, so I won! You started talking about owls and badgers in your sleep too,

very strange!”



It was a busy day in the town of Chewington for Poppy and Ronnie’s human, Mark. He did the

housework and then needed to go shopping for dinner. He decided to take our two doggy friends for

a trip to the local farm.

“What’s a farm?” asked Ronnie.

Poppy knew the answer. She explained that a farm is where animals are looked after and some types

of food are grown.

“Can I have ice-cream afterwards please?” asked Ronnie.

Ronnie always thinks about food and his favourite is dawberry ice-cream.

“Yes,” said Mark, “but only if you behave yourself.”

He put their leads on and got ready to say the magic word. You can join in too…ready…1…2…3


When they got to the farm they saw chickens chasing each other and pigs resting in the mud.

“You two can go off and explore whilst I talk to the farmer about buying some vegetables,” said

Mark. “But make sure you read and follow any signs.”

Poppy and Ronnie agreed and walked over to a horse who was munching on some apples. A sign


“Umm!” said Ronnie and went to take the apples away.

“What are you doing?” asked the horse.

“The sign says you’re not allowed to eat,” said Ronnie.

“No silly! That sign means I’m not allowed to eat your food, as I need a special diet. These apples are

from that tree and they’re my lunch!” replied the horse.

“Oh sorry!” said Ronnie. “Would you like a running race? I bet I can run faster than you!”

“Okay then,” agreed the horse. “I’ll race you both to that field over there.”

All three galloped off as fast as they could. It was a very close race and with only a few metres to go,

Ronnie was in the lead. Just as he was about to win, he spotted something red out the corner of his

eye. Thinking it might be dawberries, he changed direction and ran over to them, leaving Poppy and

the horse to finish the race.

“I won! I won!” said the horse triumphantly.

“Where did Ronnie go?” panted Poppy.

Ronnie had mistaken wild red berries growing on the bushes for dawberries and was now eating

them. But he didn’t know that eating some types of berries were dangerous and could make him ill.

Smacking his lips together he returned to the others.

“I let you win that race!” said Ronnie to the horse.

Just then they heard a noise.


“What’s that?” asked Ronnie.

“That’s the sound sheep make,” said the horse.

“They’re over there!” said Poppy pointing. “They look like little fluffy clouds on legs.”

“I think they look like little ice-creams on legs,” replied Ronnie.

Poppy and Ronnie went over to meet the sheep. Poppy pushed the gate open with her nose and

Ronnie followed in behind. He didn’t see the ‘PLEASE CLOSE THE GATE’ sign and accidentally left it


“Hello,” said one of the sheep. “I’m Beth, who are you?”

“I’m Poppy and this is Ronnie,” said Poppy. “What are you doing?”

“We’re just eating some grass and enjoying the sunshine,” said Beth.

Whilst they were busy talking, all the other sheep started to creep out of the open gate.

“Don’t you get hot under all that fur?” Ronnie asked Beth.

“It’s not fur Ronnie, it’s called wool,” she replied. “When we get too hot, the farmer shaves our wool

off and sells it to shops to make woolly jumpers.”

“Wow, with all the sheep here that’s a lot of jumpers!” said Poppy, turning round.

“Hang on, where did everybody go?” she asked worriedly.

“OH NO!” gasped Beth. “The gate has been left open and all the sheep have escaped! We must hurry

and find them before the farmer realises they are missing and gets very cross.”

Poppy, Ronnie and Beth followed the sheep footprints in the mud and eventually found them all

spread out, grazing on a big hill.

“What are we going to do?” panicked Beth.

“I’m thinking of a plan,” said Poppy.

Meanwhile Ronnie was running around in circles trying to catch a fly.

“You have given me a great idea Ronnie!” said Poppy. “We can run in circles around the sheep

pretending to be sheepdogs and steer them home!”

Beth watched as Poppy and Ronnie started to run rings around the sheep. Gradually the sheep

began to huddle together and eventually made their way back safely.

“Well done you two,” cheered Beth, “but don’t forget to close the gate next time!”

“We won’t!” said Poppy. “We have to go now, goodbye everybody!”

Puffing and panting, our doggy friends returned to Mark who was holding ice-creams for both of


“Here you are,” said Mark handing them out. “The farmer’s wife has made these with the milk they

get from their cows.”

“Thank you,” said Poppy.

Ronnie was looking sad and didn’t take his ice-cream. The red berries he had eaten earlier had

given him a tummy ache. He now realised that in future, he shouldn’t eat things growing in the wild

without asking a grown up first.

Saying goodbye to the farmer and his wife, Mark walked Poppy and Ronnie home. After a short

while, Ronnie began to feel much better.

“You’ve perked up a bit,” said Poppy.

“Yes,” said Ronnie, “I don’t feel BAAAAA –d anymore!”

Poppy and Ronnie


It was a beautiful sunny day in the town of Chewington, so Poppy and Ronnie wanted to eat their

lunch outside. They asked their human, called Mark, if they could go for a picnic.

“That’s a great idea,” he said, and packed them a bag with sandwiches, cakes and flasks of orange


“Can we take ice-cream?” asked Ronnie.

Ronnie always thinks about food and his favourite is dawberry ice-cream.

“It will melt by the time we get there,” said Mark. “But if you’re good, I’ll buy you some later.”

“Can we invite cousin Zammo?” asked Poppy.

Cousin Zammo is a big strong dog but very clumsy.

“Yes,” said Mark, “we’ll pick him up on the way.”

He put their leads on and got ready to say the magic word. You can join in too…ready…1…2…3


When they got to the picnic site they saw lots of families playing games and enjoying themselves.

Mark laid down a blanket and put the picnic out.

“I need to use the toilet,” he said. “You three stay here and start your lunch.”

“Well I’m going to eat my cake first,” said Ronnie, “and then eat my sandwiches.”

“But there’s only two cakes,” said Poppy, “and there are three of us.”

“Well, one is definitely mine!” said Ronnie, before scoffing it whole in the blink of an eye. Ronnie

didn’t know that it was rude not to share.

“That wasn’t very fair!” said Poppy. “Here Zammo, you can share some of this one with me.”

As Zammo leaned across, he accidently knocked over a cup of orange juice, soaking the plate of


“Whoops!” he said.

“Now they’re all soggy!” moaned Ronnie.

“It’s okay, it was an accident. We can let them dry in the sun,” said Poppy.

“Or we can feed them to the ducks over there on the river,” said Zammo. “They won’t mind soggy


“Hmph!” said Ronnie sulking. “I’m going to starve now!”

“No you won’t!” said Poppy. “Let’s go, but be careful near the water’s edge as the mud can be very


At the river bank they tore the wet sandwiches into small chunks and took turns throwing them

on the surface of the water. All except one of the ducks floated over and started to peck at the

bread with their beaks.

“Why is that duck not joining in?” asked Ronnie. “He looks upset.”

“Let’s go and find out,” said Poppy.

Poppy and Ronnie started walking but noticed Zammo wasn’t following them.

“Come on!” shouted Poppy.

“I can’t!” said Zammo.

One of his big front paws had got stuck in the wet mud.

“Trust you!” said Poppy. “We’ll be back in a minute to help pull you out.”

Poppy and Ronnie said hello to the sad duck. His name was Wilbur and he had been crying. Poppy

asked him what was wrong.

“I’m upset because Mr Fox is being horrible to me,” said Wilbur. “He won’t let me swim under the

bridge and said if I tried to, he would eat me for his dinner.”

Poppy knew this was called bullying and decided to help.

Our two doggy friends walked over to Mr Fox at the bridge.

“Excuse me,” said Poppy, “but why aren’t you letting Wilbur swim under the bridge?”

“It’s my bridge and I say he can’t!” replied Mr Fox with a smug grin.

“The bridge isn’t yours,” said Poppy, “it’s for everyone to share.”

“How are you two going to stop me? You’re both really skinny and I’m much bigger than you!”

“Just because you’re bigger, it doesn’t mean you can boss us around!” replied Poppy. “We

should all be nice to each other and share the bridge.”

“Right that’s it!” said Mr Fox grinding his sharp teeth. “I’m going to eat you two for my dinner


Just at that moment Zammo appeared over the bridge. He had managed to loosen his paw, but in

doing so, had fallen face first into the wet, sticky mud. He now looked like a giant mud monster!

Seeing Zammo approaching, Mr Fox started to panic.

“What is that thing?!” he screamed. “Where did it come from?”

“That’s our cousin,” replied Poppy, “and he doesn’t like bullies.”

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry! Wilbur can use the bridge. I’ll never pick on anyone again! Just don’t let that

monster eat me!” said Mr Fox, before turning round and scampering off.

“What have I missed?” asked Zammo. “That fox looked like he was terrified of something.”

“Don’t worry,” said Poppy. “We just outfoxed Mr Fox.”

All three dogs returned to Wilbur to tell him the good news.

“Oh thank you,” he said, “you three are very brave.”

“We must be getting back now,” said Poppy.

Wilbur joined his friends to finish eating the soggy sandwiches.

Poppy, Ronnie and Zammo returned to their picnic spot just before Mark came back holding four


“You three must have enjoyed those sandwiches!” he said. “But look at the state of you

Zammo, you’re going to need a bath when you get in.”

Zammo turned to Ronnie.

“I don’t like baths,” he said. “What am I going to do?”

Just then Zammo saw one of the ducks flapping its wings under a tree and this gave him an idea.

“If I shake and flap really hard like that duck, I can get most of this mud off,” he said.

As Zammo shook, flapped and twisted, the wet mud started to fling everywhere.

“Look at me now!” he said. “I’m nearly spotless!”

Ronnie stood there in silence staring back at him, now completely covered in Zammo’s

mud! He looked down at his ice-cream. It was no longer dawberry flavour, it was now mud flavour!

“Whoops!” said Zammo. “Would you like to share mine?”

“Yes please,” replied Ronnie, now realising how important it is to share.

“There’s one thing I’m not sharing with you though,” said Zammo.

“What’s that?” replied Ronnie.

“A bath!”

Cousin Zammo


It was a windy day in the town of Chewington and Poppy and Ronnie asked their human,

called Mark, if he could take them to the park.

“Okay,” he said, and packed them a bag of fruit and picked up their favourite ball.

“Can I have an ice-cream afterwards please?” asked Ronnie.

Ronnie always thinks about food and his favourite is dawberry ice-cream.

“Yes,” said Mark, “but only if you behave yourself.”

He put their leads on and got ready to say the magic word. You can join in too, ready…1…2…3…


When they arrived at the park they saw lots of children playing on the swings and slides. Mark found

a quiet bench and sat down to read his newspaper.

“You two can go and play, but play nicely and don’t run off too far,” he said.

Poppy and Ronnie both nodded and set off running as fast as they could. After chasing each other

for a few minutes, they met a boy struggling to fly a kite.

“I wish I could fly!” thought Ronnie.

“Would you like any help?” asked Poppy.

“No! I never need any help!” said the boy.

“I like your kite,” replied Poppy, “what’s your name?”

“I’m Billy and it’s my birthday today. My mum gave me this kite as a present.”

“Did you get cake and ice-cream too?” asked Ronnie.

“Not yet,” replied Billy. “I’m having a party later with all my friends. We’re having crisps and

sandwiches and jelly, I think.”

“I think you should have crisps and jelly in a sandwich!” said Ronnie. “Thinking about your party has

made me really hungry now.  I’m going to eat my banana.”

Ronnie recent 2

Ronnie went back to Mark to get his banana and after eating the last bit, threw the skin on the grass.

He didn’t know that dropping rubbish on the floor, instead of putting it in a bin, is very naughty.

Ronnie returned to Poppy and they decided to explore some bushes in the corner of the park.

Peering through a hole, they saw a group of squirrels quarrelling.

“What’s happened?” asked Poppy.

“We can’t find our nuts!” said the biggest squirrel. “We collect them in the autumn and bury the

ones we don’t need, so we can eat them later. But little Dave can’t remember where he buried


“We can help you with our noses,” said Poppy. “We can sniff the ground and use our powerful

sense of smell to find them.”

“Oh, thank you,” said the biggest squirrel, “otherwise we’ll starve.”

“Do I like nuts?” asked Ronnie.

“You are nuts!” replied Poppy.

Poppy and Ronnie both put their noses to the ground and began to hunt for the nuts. After a few

minutes of sniffing, Ronnie called out to everyone.

“I think I’ve found something!” he shouted, and started to dig the earth frantically with his claws.

“I’ve got something, wait, it’s well hidden!”

The squirrels got excited and began to hug each other with relief that the nuts had been found. It

was then that Ronnie produced a big muddy bone in his mouth, looking all pleased with

himself. Poppy let out a groan.

“I wondered where that was!” he said. “I buried it last year and totally forgot about it!”

Poppy told Ronnie to concentrate and the search continued, until finally they both found the hidden


“How can we ever repay you?” asked little Dave.

Just at that moment, Billy came running over looking all upset. His kite had got stuck in a tree and he

wasn’t tall enough to reach it.

“I need your help!” he said.

“I know what to do,” replied Poppy.

“But you can’t climb!” said Ronnie.

“No I can’t, but little Dave can!”

Poppy asked little Dave if he could help Billy get his kite back and watched as he scrambled up the

tree to unhook it from a branch.

“Hooray!” shouted Billy. “Thank you so much.”

“We all need help sometimes,” said Poppy, “and it feels good to help others when they are in


“Yes, you’re right,” said Billy, “So, can I help anyone?”

Little Dave had an idea. He asked Billy if he could draw the squirrels a treasure map, so their nuts

would never get lost again.

Billy agreed and then asked Poppy and Ronnie if they wanted to come to his birthday party.

Ronnie started daydreaming of crisps and jelly sandwiches.

“We’d love to,” said Poppy,” but we have to be getting back home soon.”

“Do we?!” replied Ronnie reluctantly.

The squirrels and Billy waved goodbye, and Poppy and Ronnie returned to Mark who was busy doing

the crossword.

“Would you both like an ice-cream now?” he asked.

“Yes please,” Poppy answered.

“Dawberry for me!” insisted Ronnie.

“Yes, I know!” laughed Mark.

Mark bought the ice-creams and handed them to our two doggy friends. Ronnie couldn’t wait to

take his first delicious lick and began to trot along, looking for a nice spot to sit down and eat it.

Suddenly he tripped and his ice-cream flew into the air, landing upside down on the path.

Wondering what had happened, Ronnie looked round to see he’d slipped on the banana skin he’d

dropped earlier. Ronnie now understood that all rubbish should be put into a bin, otherwise

accidents like this could happen.

“Never mind!” said Poppy. “You can have some of mine.”

“What flavour is it?” asked Ronnie, beginning to cheer up.

“Banana!” she laughed.


It was a very hot day in the town of Chewington, so Poppy and Ronnie asked their human, called

Mark, if they could go to the beach.

“That’s a good idea,” he said, and packed them both a bag with buckets and spades and their

favourite ball.

“Can I have an ice-cream please?” asked Ronnie.

Ronnie always thinks about food and his favourite is dawberry ice-cream.

“Yes,” said Mark, “but only if you behave yourself.”

He put their leads on and got ready to say the magic word. You can join in too, ready…1…2…3…


When they arrived at the beach they saw lots of children playing and having fun. Mark found a nice

place to put his deckchair and sat down to read the newspaper.

“You two can go and play, but play nicely and don’t run off too far,” he said.

Poppy and Ronnie both nodded, before running off as fast as they could, dodging and weaving

between all the sandcastles, being careful not to squash them.

After a short while playing together, Poppy decided to cool down with a paddle. Ronnie, however,

was more interested in some sandwiches he’d spotted poking out of a lady’s bag. He walked over

and stuck his nose in to have a look. They were cheese ones. Licking his lips, he started to eat them.

Ronnie didn’t know that taking something without asking is called stealing and it is very bad.

With crumbs still falling from his whiskers, he dashed past Poppy and challenged her to catch him up.

As they approached the end of the beach, they stopped to catch their breath near some cliffs.

“Help me! Help me please!” a voice cried.

“Where is that coming from?” puzzled Ronnie.

“Look!” replied Poppy, “Over there! It’s a little starfish.” They both went over to say hello.

“I’m Katy,” said the starfish. “I live in the sea and I need help to get back there before the tide goes


“What happened?” asked Poppy.

“I came to the beach to collect some shells because I want to make a necklace. But then I got stuck

in the sand!” replied Katy.

“Why do you want to live in the sea?” asked Ronnie. “It’s wet there and there’s no ice-cream!”

Poppy looked at Ronnie and rolled her eyes.

“Starfish can’t live on land like we do,” Poppy answered. “They breathe air through the water.

Different animals live in different places. Some need really warm weather, some animals live in

water and some can even fly and live in trees.”

“I wish I could fly,” replied Ronnie, “that would be so cool.”

“Concentrate please, we need to think of a way to help Katy,” insisted Poppy.

“I know!” said Ronnie and immediately started digging with his front paws.

“What are you doing?” asked Poppy.

“Looking for shells!” replied Ronnie, flicking sand high up in the air.

“Not that kind of help!” moaned Poppy, “I meant… hang on…you’ve given me an idea!”

Poppy realised that if Ronnie kept digging in a straight line to the sea, he would dig a trench that

could fill up with water, meaning Katy could float back home.

“Keep digging! Keep digging!” encouraged Poppy. “Forward a bit, keep going, no, not that way

Ronnie, dig forward!”

After several minutes Ronnie had finished and the small waves began to spill into the trench.

Eventually the water reached Katy.

“Oh, thank you for rescuing me,” said Katy excitedly. “What would I have done without you?”

Ronnie trotted over with a big grin.

“Here you are,” he said, and opened his paw to show Katy the shells he’d found.

Katy started laughing.

“Thank you Ronnie,” she said, “you’re very sweet. Next time you come down here I will have made a

necklace for you.”

Poppy and Ronnie at the beach 3

Katy drifted along the trench and out to sea, turning round to give Poppy and Ronnie a big wave

goodbye. They waved back and then returned to where Mark was sitting. They found

him having a nap, so decided to wake him up with a loud “Woof!”

“Would you two like an ice-cream now?” asked Mark.

“Yes please!” they said.

After queuing up for ages and ages, Mark bought the ice-creams and handed them to

our two doggy friends. Just as Ronnie was about to take his first delicious slurp, a giant seagull

swooped down and grabbed the cone clean from his paw, flying off high into the sky with it.

This left Ronnie feeling very shocked and sad. He now understood how the lady would have felt

earlier when he stole the sandwiches from her bag. Ronnie promised himself he would never take

anything without asking again.

“Now I really, really, wish I could fly, so I could go and get my ice-cream back!” he mumbled.

After a tiring day, Poppy and Ronnie went home to have their tea. At night time they got into

bed and said goodnight to each other, before turning out the light. After a few minutes, Poppy could

feel herself being pushed closer and closer to the edge of the mattress by Ronnie’s legs and she was

losing some of the blankets. She turned the light back on.

“What are you doing Ronnie?” she asked.

“I’m pretending to be a starfish!” he said.