Get a good education son
And remember to keep your nose clean
Don’t forget ain’t no time for fun
You won’t be heard and you won’t be seen

We’ll sacrifice your dignity

All I ever want to be when I grow up was happy

Concentrate and knuckle down
Just walk away from every fight
Sit down and don’t act a clown
You’re old enough to know wrong from right

Fear programmed by fallacy

The truth appeared too criminal so the lies they told were biblical

Don’t ever get married son
I wish I was your age again
But I forgot where I belong
In the past where men were men

Your tyranny is boring me

Be careful and please take care
Don’t take drugs and just say no
It won’t make you very popular
I’m a hypocrite don’t you know?

Roped in to the family tree

Kept me safe at great expense of me having fuck all friends



Thank you for your visit today
Most unwelcome but you’d know that
I see time hasn’t moved on for you
As much as it stopped for me
Yet my imposter didn’t flatter me
He was a dead give away
But you’ll never know
He dismissed you flat out

Stay hidden, don’t ever come here again
To paint my stomach with turmoil pain
Stay forgotten as my decline is storied
To rise again as you are buried

Thank you for your message today
Most unexpected but you knew that
I see you’re trying to kill me again
As much as I died before
My imposter didn’t matter to me
He was a dead weight
But you’ll never know
How I’ll cut your heart out


I’ve wasted time practicing perfect
You had the key and locked me up
Cos Lady Muck doesn’t give a fuck

I’ve wasted time not giving up
A short story that you wrote long
From grassy knolls that you stood on

You can’t always get what you want
But always want what you can’t get
Those you serve will have you gunned down
And I’m a debt she hasn’t paid yet

I’ve wasted time stranded in Love Field
The heart that yearned is often spurned
But still revolves just as the world turns.


A death without a grave
A loss given away
A phone that never rings
I cry without the tears

Were you really there? Now I don’t know where,
But here I fucking am, and you no longer care

Lessons with no exam
A pain taken away
From scratching out at lies
I cry without my eyes

I never knew what I was into, or what I was doing,
Who were you? And what am I?
You only knew where I was heading
And you never told me why?



Set fire to the sands, smoke out your enemy,
Cliff faces don’t stare at you, they stare at me,
No shell on my back is big enough to hold my dreams,
And all are too small for me to crawl inside.

Erase and wash every trace of me when I leave,
For a while I owned and ruled your perfect land,
Hunting sea, gravity pulls away all I believe,
Sun dances on the top, the moon swims beneath.

Trekking inhospitable with my dogs of war,
Desperately never finding your origins,
The real truth lies in your humble beginnings,
That I can’t find walking a thousand ends.

Monotony relentlessly comes crashing in,
Eroded thoughts castaway every now and then,
You might even say that my life is washed up,
But that means someone will find it again.


Love’s beautiful gamble has left me penniless,
Forced to win my money back to feel some happiness,
So hit me with your best face and take one from the pack,
What’s the odds on finding someone like you?

Came so close to the big win, could almost taste the dream,
But every time I see you, you raise the stakes again,
Though my pockets are empty I’ll love you ‘til the end,
What’s the odds on loving someone like you?

Just lend me one more chance now, I need another hit,
I know that I can win you round, I’ve bet my mind on it,
You want me to stick here but I have to twist,
What’s the odds on losing someone like you?


If you had your only chance again
I’m sure you wouldn’t drink a thing
Too impatient to wait for just a glance
Uninvited victim of circumstance
If you had your only chance again
Would you cause as much pain? Or be
Charming sobriety with some brevity?
The greatest line I never heard
Was, “Excuse me, I’m a somebody.”

You don’t want to follow anymore
Love minus one has lasted so long
The only way to be close to me
Is listen to a certain song

A second chance was never said
It was yours to create inside your head
Look for my aura from above
And convince yourself that this is love
Take my photo, take my name
Regardless I don’t feel the same
You only have yourself to blame
Your worst line had to be
“Excuse me, I’m a nobody.”

You don’t want to follow anymore
Love minus one has lasted so long
The only way to be close to me
Is listen to a certain song

So I’m wasting all your dreams for you
To live carefree without a clue
You will have to watch them through
A window that I keep for you
I’m gone but yet I grant your wish
Your beautiful pain I will punish
That lives and breathes inside your heart
The painful line that I still own
Is, “No and leave me alone.”