Get a good education son
And remember to keep your nose clean
Don’t forget ain’t no time for fun
You won’t be heard and you won’t be seen

We’ll sacrifice your dignity

All I ever want to be when I grow up was happy

Concentrate and knuckle down
Just walk away from every fight
Sit down and don’t act a clown
You’re old enough to know wrong from right

Fear programmed by fallacy

The truth appeared too criminal so the lies they told were biblical

Don’t ever get married son
I wish I was your age again
But I forgot where I belong
In the past where men were men

Your tyranny is boring me

Be careful and please take care
Don’t take drugs and just say no
It won’t make you very popular
I’m a hypocrite don’t you know?

Roped in to the family tree

Kept me safe at great expense of me having fuck all friends



So far this is the only set of lyrics I’ve ever had music written to. The music was written by a very talented songstress called Corinne. She also sung it for the video below. Please check out her YouTube channel LimeSunFilms and her blog https://limesunprojects.wordpress.com/

The video concept was created by my best friend Daryl. The fantastic actor in the video is me. This video was created in 2013 and since it’s recording, I have slightly tweaked the lyrics a bit.

“Lonely as you think this journey may be
Like walking through schools on Sunday
You’re already living inside
Your best friend and your worst enemy

My sleep ain’t digital, please wait for me

I need to release my grip
Tread carefully through streets with no words
The distance is happy, lacking precision decisions
Everything happens in a season

My sleep ain’t digital, please wait for me

Can you ever be the person you were again?
A battle we’re both done losing
As you wait for a reason to roll the dice again
There’s no better way to end a friend.”