Get a good education son
And remember to keep your nose clean
Don’t forget ain’t no time for fun
You won’t be heard and you won’t be seen

We’ll sacrifice your dignity

All I ever want to be when I grow up was happy

Concentrate and knuckle down
Just walk away from every fight
Sit down and don’t act a clown
You’re old enough to know wrong from right

Fear programmed by fallacy

The truth appeared too criminal so the lies they told were biblical

Don’t ever get married son
I wish I was your age again
But I forgot where I belong
In the past where men were men

Your tyranny is boring me

Be careful and please take care
Don’t take drugs and just say no
It won’t make you very popular
I’m a hypocrite don’t you know?

Roped in to the family tree

Kept me safe at great expense of me having fuck all friends



Just give it a minute and it’ll come to me
A loaded gun only has one answer
The explanations have been rehearsed for you
And picking it up will heal me faster
I’ve always enjoyed the delay of pleasure
Despite the doors slamming in anger
But I cannot wait any longer
The fight to remain ain’t getting any younger

When all the sharks begin to circle below
Escape is to make a trace invisible
Vanished are the tears and bleeding never showing
Well-wishing a fighter without even knowing
Time heals but no-one can love you either
Take a deep breath to bear this fucking pain
How am I supposed to take a breather?
When all they can is distract the remainder

Everything’s better in the morning, but what happens if I never sleep?
Just do your best or write a list
Tomorrow never comes when you’re trapped, and inside won’t leave yesterday
They all insist I resist the urge to be missed.


Mama did I hurt myself today?
I know it’s very sore but can’t remember any more
And tell me what was in the news
After this life come no more continues
And like two ants walking on the ground
You won’t believe this wound that I found

And nobody can tell me why we have so many people just to put them in the sky

Mama was I clumsy yesterday?
My toe says so but can’t remember if I know
And tell me what I was like
After school and falling off my bike
And like those stories my Dad would tell
None now are heard or even ring a bell

And nobody can tell me why we have so many people just to put them in the sky

Mama, I think you done raised a fool,
Remembering all the stupid things I did in school,
Will never heal for you,
Mama I don’t want to drown
Just find a place to sleep asound
And find a grave strong enough to hold this body down.


He wakes up to another day in bed

Doesn’t value life enough to suffer for it

And he watches the sky to tell the time

Only when it’s sun o’clock does he suffer guilt

And all his angels say come talk to me

You wont find the answers in your own thoughts

But how can he leave the in between?

When his heart is black from being tied in knots

There ain’t no slogan for the t-shirt on his chest

Just a slow gun pointing at his head

Only when he’s clocking in does he suffer reprieve

From all the empty time he has up his sleeve.